Our Team



Cube has a professional team for managing, planning, scheduling and running big scale events in the country.


Abbas Arzisoltan is educated in Industrial Engineering and Masters of Industrial Management who is high experienced for more than 10 years in this field to manage big scale high quality events in the country.
He managed more than 8 big events and more than 100 national and state events since 2008.
is also our agents to made partnership with ESWC Global since 2012.

Events Manager

Mahdi Davoodpour – Mechanical Engineer is working in Cube company as Technical Manger since 2010 and Events Manager since 2015.

R&D; and Strategic Manager

Meisam Jafari member of board of the Cube company and Industrial Engineer is working in the company as R&D and Strategic Manager since 2010.

Branches Manager

Meisam Torkzaban member of board of Cube company and He is in position as Branches Manager in the company since 2010.

Photojournalist & Media Manager

Reza Arzissoltan is working in Cube company in position as Press & Media Manager since 2012. He is also working for Iran team in ESWC PGW previous years to cover Iran team news for Iranian gamers.