Our Team

Our Team

We have expert managers

Cube has a professional team for managing, planning, scheduling and running big scale events in the country. also when we are running projects our team getting bigger with new admins,…


Abbas Arzisoltan – CEO of the Cube company is high experienced for more than 10 years in this field to manage big scale high quality events in the country. He managed more than 8 big events and more than 100 national and state events since 2008.

He is also our agents to made partnership with ESWC Global since 2012.

Events Manager

Mahdi Davoodpour – Mechanical Engineer is working in Cube company as Technical Manger since 2010 and Events Manager since 2015.

R&D and Strategic Manager

Meisam Jafari member of board of the Cube company and Industrial Engineer is working in the company as R&D and Strategic Manager since 2010.

Branches Manager

Meisam Torkzaban member of board of Cube company and He is in position as Branches Manager in the company since 2010

Press & Media Manager

Reza Arzissoltan is working in Cube company in position as Press & Media Manager since 2012. He is also working for Iran team in ESWC PGW previous years to cover Iran team news for Iranian gamers.